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I See Jesus Everywhere!

Do you want to see Jesus?

Proverbs 1: 5-7 5 let the wise listen and add to their learning,

and let the discerning get guidance-

6 for understanding proverbs and parables,

the sayings and riddles of the wise. (NIV)

 Ken Kreh's 480 page inspirational Christian Book, "I See Him... I See Him! God's "WORD" to Witness By" examines the Bible, using scripture from both the Old and New Testaments to find Jesus. Ken presents the evidence from scripture and allows you the reader to search and discover for yourself what the scriptures reveal- that the Bible is the biography of Jesus Christ and he is our Creator.

You will be deeply moved and fall in love with God all over again as you witness Jesus as you may never had before!

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There you can read preface from book, an excerpt, new chapter, and much more!

Please enjoy all of the pages on this web-site using the Navigation tool on the left page. Reading the pages will help you decide if Ken's book will be a blessing for you and your family to have.

The Book is packed with Scripture and Insight to What the Bible teaches all of us.

 The book is unique in that it is large in size (39 chapters and 480 pages), but you can read most of the chapters in any order you choose.

See how the Bible is intertwined and meshed together from Genesis to the Book of Revelation-- proving that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and could not had been authored by any human beings.

Read one chapter per day or per week, and you will see Jesus in the Bible everywhere. In so many unique ways throughout scripture, God shows his Son to us.

By spending ten to twenty minutes per day or week in this book, you will be spending time with the Lord, studying scripture, and being blessed by seeing Jesus.

By reading one chapter per day, You will finish the book in 40 days.

Please go to "Content in Book" and "What Reader will experience" to see all this book has to offer! Read the new chapters I have written, " God is asking you", "Isaiah 53", "Psalm 22", and "God's Creation Story" . May they bless you!

See what God has to show us in Scripture!

The love of God is awaiting you

in the pages of this book.

Enjoy hours of reading at your

own pace.

This is a great Bible study to see

prophecy being fulfilled in the Bible.

Use this book to share Jesus

with your loved ones and friends.

I see Jesus everywhere! He was there from the beginning, before creation. Explore the word of God to study such things as:

* Is God the toughest teacher?

* Is there really a hell, and did Jesus spend time there for us?

* The Easter Story told—using the Old Testament only.

* What was Jesus thinking while on the cross?

* What do the Song of David and Song of Moses prophesize?

* Does the Bible speak of dinosaurs?

* Can we trust God literally created the universe in six days?

* What are the many scientific statements found in the Bible that are absolutely true with what we observe in nature as well as in the universe?

* What is the real meaning of “Our Lord our God is one Lord”? (Deuteronomy 6: 4)

* What do the Seven Feasts of Israel teach us about Jesus?

*Could the Bible story of the seven days of creation found in the book of Genesis, and the Bible story of the triumphant entry by the Israelites into Jericho found in the Book of Joshua reveal when Jesus might return?

* In keeping the Ten Commandments—do you fair any better than I?

* See Jesus in the Parable of "The Wretched Tenets".

*See your most loving Father in the most famous of all Parables "The Prodigal Son"!

 Jesus is revealed everywhere in scripture. You will see him as you read this book.

From the Author

What I have written is a Christian book about me and my walk with Jesus, a Bible Commentary, Bible Study, and a Christian Reference book all rolled up into one package.

My goal in writing this book was to share my faith in Jesus Christ to a lost world, and give strong evidence for the absolute truth of the Bible--by using the Bible almost exclusively to prove itself.

I wanted my reader to see by presenting what is written in the scriptures: the prophecies, the scientific evidence, the miracles, God's time table for the Lord's return (it is right on schedule), and much more--all scripture is pointing to Jesus and his fulfillment of all that is written.

It is my prayer your faith and your love for God will be strengthened in reading my book. I pray I will show you new ways for you to see God reveal his Son in scripture.

Scripture shows Jesus did not just pop out of the New Testament in the book of Matthew and say, "Here I am!".

He has always been there...with the fact--He is the Father!

(John 1: 1-2) (Isaiah 9: 6)

The Jesus of the Bible is awaiting you. He wants you to know him more fully.

God loves you and so do I!

Ken Kreh, Author

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