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I See Jesus Everywhere!

Evolution/Creation Quiz

Isaiah 40: 28 28 Do you not know?

Have you not heard?

The LORD is the everlasting God,

the Creator of the ends of the earth.

He will not grow tired or weary,

and his understanding no one can fathom.

In The Beginning...

Quote from Famous Scientist

Louis Pasteur [1822-1895]

Father of Microbiology, developed "pasteurization"

"The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator."

"Science brings men nearer to God."

Facts Not Fairy Tales

   In the Opinion Page of my local newpaper, a writer responded to the debate on global warming. In typical fashion, the writer attacked anyone who believes in the Bible and takes it literally. I am going to withhold the names used in this writing and in my response. The writer wrote:

    "The writer's letter claiming the Biblical Covenant with God in the form of a rainbow proves that global warming won't cause flooding demands a response. First of all, climate scientists aren't concerned about one ice-cap. They are concerned about the ice sheets covering both Greenland and Antartica.

Second, no one has ever claimed the flooding caused by such melting will eradicate all life on earth as described in the "mythological Biblical tales". If he is so confident that no flooding will happen as a result of global warming I encourage him to put his faith to the test and move to New Orleans or some other low lying area. Most rational people base their opinions on science, not stories that are quite obviously ficticious.

Perhaps the problem isn't the folks such as myself haven't read the Bible (I have) and don't understand what the word "never" means (I do), but that he needs to stop reading fairy tales and start reading facts.

Author Name withheld

Facts Found in the Bible

    I had to respond to this challenging letter. I wanted to do it respectfully as I could for a person with conflicting opinions to my own, but boldly proclaiming the truth of the Bible. I wanted to show that there are two sides to the issue, and I could more than defend my belief in God's word. By the newspaper rules, I had to limit my response to 200 words or less. I wrote:

The writer's letter attacking those who believe in the Bible is typical. Just declare they believe in "mythological Biblical tales" and they win the debate. There is more than enough science written in the Old Testament-Genesis, Job, Isaiah, and Book of Psalms to name a few to show the Bible lines up accurately with good science. I have authored a book showing the scientific evidence of the Bible, as well as other evidence that shows the Bible is true to everything we observe in nature and life. One of the biggest myths used by those attacking the Bible is that they say the Bible teaches that the world is flat. The Bible never declared that, but declares the opposite instead (Isaiah 40: 22). It also declares God spread the expanse of the heavens and hangs the earth over nothing, poetically describing exactly what scientists observe. There is more than enough evidence for a worldwide flood- billions of dead things all over the world in the fossil record. I hope people like this writer will quit using the term "fairy tales" for those of us who believe the Bible when debating the issues.

Ken Kreh

More than Enough Scientific Evidence Found in the Bible!

    God put plenty of scientific evidence in the Bible to show his word is true. God speaks of creation and how he did it that does not conflict with science and the First Two Laws of Thermodynamics. God speaks of dinosaurs through the man named Job who could have lived some 4,000 years ago in the time of Abraham. God declares the earth is round though the prophet Isaiah 2,750 years ago. All through scripture (including the New Testament) are verses that are scientifically sound and declare the absolute truth of the Bible.

    Please take the Science Quiz below to see if you might want to see what God has revealed to us in scripture that is very scientific and does not conflict with what we observe in nature.

Creation Song

Questionnaire for: Two Models of the "Origin of Life"

      Please feel free to take this Quiz found in my book, "I See Him!...I See Him! God's WORD to Witness By". This quiz allowed the reader of my book to review what I presented from the Bible and from science that shows the Absolute Truth of God's word and that we can count on it. It is my belief, "The Bible never contradicts good science and good science never contradicts the Bible."

Chapter 26- From my Book: "I See Him!...I See Him! God's WORD to Witness By"

The Two Origins: 1) Evolutionary Model and (2) Creation Model

(X) Mark the answer you feel best fits your beliefs. Answers to questions are at end of test.

1) What is the Evolutionary Model?

___A) Science explaining how life & universe came into existence.

___B) Belief System explaining how life & universe came into existence.

2) What is the Creation Model?

___A) Science explaining how life & universe came into existence.

___B) Belief System explaining how life & universe came into existence.

3) What is the foundation that the Evolutionary Model is based on? What is its starting point?

___ A) Time and lots of it. ___ B) Bible- Genesis chapters 1 - 11.

4) What is the foundation that the Creation Model is based on? What is its starting point?

___ A) Time and lots of it. ___ B) Bible- Genesis chapters 1 - 11.

5) Which Model claims that there is evidence for a Catastrophic Worldwide Flood? Noah’s Flood- Genesis chapters 6 - 9?

___ A) Evolutionary Model ___ B) Creation Model

 There are two types of evolution taught: (1) Micro Evolution- Changes within a species where a dog remains a dog, a cat a cat, etc. and (2) Macro Evolution- This is molecules to man, causes an upward movement of information so that you can jump from one species to the next.

6) Which type of changes can the Creation Model and Evolutionary Model both agree on?

___ A) Micro ___ B) Macro

7) Which type of changes do they disagree on?

___ A) Micro ___ B) Macro

8) How does the Evolutionary Model explain where fossils come from?

___ A) a little bit of water and lots of time.

___ B) Lots of water and a little bit of time.

9) How does the Creation Model explain where fossils come from?

___ A) a little bit of water and lots of time.

___ B) Lots of water and a little bit of time.

10) In the dating of the Fossil Record, do Dating Methods use pure science or do they use assumptions not possible to prove or observe (which is the basis of science)?

___ A) Pure science- provable.

___ B) Science tainted with assumptions- that are not provable.

11) In nature, is it possible to observe fossils ready to be formed today or did fossils happen only in the past?

___ A) Fossils are being formed in the present.

___ B) Fossils happened in the past and are being found today.

12) Is there evidence that dinosaurs lived on earth at the same time as man? Are there living fossils being found today?

___Yes- there is evidence. ___No- there is no evidence.

13) Is there scientific evidence the earth is much younger than what the world view is teaching?

___Yes- there is evidence. ___No- there is no evidence.

14) How long does it take for changes in nature to occur? A volcanic island or coral reef to form? How long for a Grand Canyon to form?

___ A) Eons of time.

___ B) Can happen relatively quickly with the right circumstances.

15) Which Model uses better science for explaining the Origin of Life?

___ A) Evolutionary Model ___ B) Creation Model

16) Many Christian leaders believe there is an agenda in the secular world to push the Evolutionary Model to get God out of our society, therefore truth is relative and there are no absolutes- so man can set the rules and not God. Is the Bible absolute truth or is it relative?

___ A) The Bible is absolute truth- inspired word of God.

___ B) Truth is relative- Man decides.

Get Graded after Taking Quiz

You have two ways to get graded after taking this pop quiz on the Creation/Evolution debate.

1) Contact me via e-mail and I will be glad to e-mail back the answers to you.

2) Purchase a copy of my book for under $20.00.

Not only will you study creation and evolution to see that the Bible is the word of will see the scientific evidence found in the Bible itself. The Bible has good science written in it that is verifiable by scientists as well as all of us to see and study. No where in the Bible does the word of God contradict good science.

By purchasing my book, you will be given many resources for you to do your own investigation.on the evidence for creation--both Christian and Secular. You will also see prophecies, God working in persons lives today, miracles, and much more. I want to give you evidence God loves you and wants to give you everlasting life.

I pray you want to see Him.

God loves you and so do I!

Ken Kreh, Author

Expelled—No Intelligence (God) Allowed

Psalm 11: 3 When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Yes, The foundations of the Christian faith is under attack. The Book of Genesis and the origin of life as God has spoken it to us is our foundation, and the secular humanists cannot stand that Americans have more faith in creation than what evolutionists are teaching in our public schools. The evidence that evolution teaches is being proved false by scientists who see the Intelligent Design in the universe, nature, and at the molecular level. We are in the battle of our lives for the minds of our children, who are being bombarded by evolution in school, without the freedom to study where the evidence is pointing- it is not allowed to descent from what the evolutionists have faith in.

Click on the link on our left hand page to go to the official web-site for the movie "Expelled—No Intelligence allowed" hosted by Ben Stein.

Take sometime at this site and just see how the evolutionary groups are fighting tooth and nail to make this movie go away and try to convince you not to see it. They are proving this movies point that they do not like competition. They do not want us thinking and deciding for ourselves--as if we are too dumb to. The men and women interviewed for this movie are not dumb-- they are all brilliant people, on both sides of the issue. Then why does one-side of the issue want the public to think the other side is dumb? What are they so afraid of?

I just wrote this letter in our local newspaper. 4/24/2008

Expelled—No Intelligence (God) allowed

I saw the documentary titled, “Expelled—No Intelligence allowed and I urge all persons who care about science and the freedom to think for themselves to see it. It is now out on DVD, and it can be rented or purchased. You will find this film educational, informative, and entertaining. If you like Michael Moore Documentaries, you should find this film just as enjoyable as his.

Scientists must have the freedom to research and go to where the evidence for origin of life is pointing. This is not allowed by the powers to be who hold the purse strings for research. The leading Darwinian evolutionists and atheists do not want you to see this film. They hold the key positions in science and will not allow anyone (scientists, science professors, journalists, teachers) to question or do research that will put Darwinian evolution in a bad light. In this film, these leaders readily admit their bias towards intelligent design for the universe, but one of their leaders, atheist Richard Dawkins who wrote the book, “The God Delusion” admits no one knows how life began on earth. This brilliant mind in Darwinian evolutionist makes this unbelievable claim in the film: (The following is not a direct quote, but very close.) "Maybe one possibility is that intelligent aliens, far superior to life as we know it, came to earth and planted the first seeds of life."

I have two questions for atheist Richard Dawkins.: (1) How scientific of a statement is that? (2) If the earth was seeded by aliens, then where did the aliens come from?

Please see this film for your children’s sake and please take them with you.


In my book, "I See Him...I See Him" God's WORD to Witness By" I have written several chapters on creation and how our world view affects what we believe when it comes to origin of life. The two-sides in the Creation/Evolution debate have different starting points in their world views. We have a choice of either putting on the eyeglasses of billions of years and that natural selection and random chance caused the universe to create itself, or we can put on the eyeglasses that leads to the Creator of all things, who was from the beginning, before time. Do not be deceived, the evidence for creation is far greater than that of evolution, especially Darwinian evolution.

Please enjoy the chapters on this web-site and enjoy the book I have written that will show you Jesus is everywhere in scripture when you look for Him!

God loves you and so do I!

Ken Kreh, Author

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