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I See Jesus Everywhere!

Honoring a dear loved one. Thank you Lord for his life.

Praise to the King!

    This was my brother Greg's favorite song. On the way back from our golfing trip we took together to Myrtle Beach in the winter of 2005, he had me play it for him over and over again. I gave him the CD this song was on when we got home. May you be blessed as he was by this song.

These are Poems written to the Lord we can all learn from.

 Today is the one year anniversary of when my brother went home to be with our Lord. In the month of December 2006, my brother Greg was diagnosed with inoperative terminal cancer and was given 6 months to two years to live. This is something none of us would want to go through. Greg entered eternity June 10th 2007.

Greg was my younger brother, and he along with my older brother Jim, helped lead me to Jesus Christ. It hurt to lose the brother who was my best friend since childhood. But there is a blessing to this test God gave my brother and our family. We know where he is spending eternity! Thank you Jesus for giving us this blessed assurance in your Holy Word.

Far too many of us wait until late in life to think of our own mortality and where we will spend eternity. We wait to make a decision for Jesus Christ. We are hoping we will know when we may be called to leave this body God has given us. Many will never know what hit them. We may not be given the chance to be ready and know the season when we may die. We must be ready.

Greg was ready. He placed all his faith in Jesus Christ and the Word of God. God is going to continue to use Greg and his faith to help lead people to Christ.

Please enjoy these two poems Greg has written on this page. I pray they will be a blessing to you. They are written as a Psalm would be to the Lord. You can see by what he wrote that he had done some deep soul searching as he lived his life and looked to God in his time of trouble. He trusted in the Lord to get him through. 

A Torn Man

I am a torn man. Shall I Live in this world, or do I go to my grave. Truly the Lord has blessed me.

For I was the one who took life lightly. With the Lord's mercy in hand, I neglected my salvation.

I was accused of being a hypocrite for the wrong reasons. But a hypocrite I was for ignoring for years my God, my salvation.

But the Hand of the Lord has come heavily upon me; no longer can I ignore His Name.

Some would say yes, it is a curse. No, it is the blessing of my God.

He is faithful and has not allowed me to fail in seeking His Light, and to know that I am His.

So, I will not fear what is to come. For His mercy He has in Christ established Himself in my heart.

Oh, that I may learn to live the rest of my life in His Spirit. Everything good resides in God, and God does give gifts to his children. To know good and reject evil is the greatest of these gifts.

To walk in His ways is the greatest gift a man can possess. The joy of the Lord is His ways established in us.

Then I can walk in love, through any darkness, this is victory in this life.

Thank you Lord Jesus, Anointed One, King of King's; you did this for all men.


Greg Kreh, Author 2007

Give Me the Bread of Life

I'm so tired of religion.

I'm wearied by my thoughts.

My soul is heavy with self

Like a babe crying for mother's milk

We cry, "Feed me, feed me

I want, I want, do not deny me".

A soul that wants is never filled

It feeds but is never full

It's only care is that it is fed.

How poor is the soul that possesses much.

For enough is never enough.

The hunger of a man is never satisfied,

We are all gluttons of our own pleasure.

Eat of the Bread of life and you will be filled.

Finally food that satisfies the soul.

Twice God has given man bread from heaven.

Manna for the body, but Christ for our soul.

This bread enters our Spirit, giving life to the soul

Finally man can say "I'm full." "I need no more"

"Let me share with you who are in need".

Blessed Be the Lord

God Of Heaven and Earth                

Greg Kreh, Author 2007

God's Love is shown Through His Child

My brother Greg truly loved the Lord and was a child of God. The letter below is the last letter he wrote to his family. His wife gave it to us the day of and shortly after his funeral service. I pray by my sharing his thoughts with you, it will help you to focus on what is truly important in life—our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Brother wrote:

I’m writing this letter to my family and friends. Its purpose is hopefully to edify you in the Lord.

I haven’t been feeling too good lately, and I find it hard to talk on the phone much. Also, when you feel sick, you kind of go into a shell, trying to get through the feeling until it passes. During these times, I don’t even want to talk with God. It’s hard to get my soul in an attitude of praise when I’m feeling sick in my body.

But it is by God’s grace that we continue on. We do not stumble because He remains with us in all our weaknesses. We may fail Him, but He never fails us.

I love my new church. It is a simple church that promotes love for God, Christ, and the brethren. In recognizing we are all sinners, they just encourage all to come, take the bread of life, be washed, and forgiven through Christ. No great doctrinal issues, no magic, or mumbo jumbo—just love and walking daily in love; brings your life into a consistent walk of love, considering others better than yourself.

Oh, how we like to feel important. Almost to the point of God needing us. But it’s just a simple sharing of the Spirit of love. To all my friends and family, I exhort you all, to examine yourself. Don’t get caught up in doctrines of men or error. Just Jesus died and rose and now we live by Him. We obey His commandments—to believe in Him who God has sent (Jesus), AND TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER as He has loved us.

If we do these two things, pursue it as we would worldly riches, truly treasure it in our hearts, then the God of peace will abide in us. We will have all His joy and love inside of us.

We will not be ashamed at His coming, for as He was in the world, so are we. So just look unto Jesus and ask to be full to the fullest of Him. I know we all need this; I get on my knees everyday, humbly, asking that I might know the love of God.

These three things: abide by faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love.

I love you all.


There is a Party Going On In Heaven!

I was given the great honor and privilege to speak at my younger brother's funeral by his wife Dianne. Greg would have wanted his life and death to be a celebration, and to share his love and faith in Jesus Christ.

Just as I asked those attending my brother's service, I ask you now to meditate and imagine about God and heaven. Imagine you are up in heaven, and taking part in the celebration God is hosting. May you see Jesus in what you are about to read.

Saved by the Father. God gazed down from his Heavenly Realm. God looked and He saw him, and He called out to Jesus, "Go and get my child."

The Trumpets of Heaven sounded, and the angels began to sing like never before.

The Lord came down from His throne, picked up His child in His tender loving arms, and carried him so gently. Just as a good Shepard would care for his lamb, the Lord cared for His found child. Jesus carried this child into glory and into heaven.

All of heaven began to celebrate. Cheers and joy rang out from all the land of Heaven, celebrating the child who has come home to be with the family of God. This is the joyous celebration every child receives when one goes home to be with his Maker, his Savior, and his God.

In Jesus’ own words we read:

Luke 15: 6-7 'Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.' 7I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

    Our beloved Greg went home to be with the Lord this past Sunday, June 10th 2007. Greg was that lost sheep Jesus found. He no longer is suffering and every tear has been wiped away. God gave him six months from the time when he first learned of his illness, and he always felt blessed by God- even during this time. Greg was a blessing and inspiration to all who knew and loved him. I thank God for his life and his faith.

We are all that lost sheep, and Greg knew that. Greg would want us to remember and keep the words he wrote to us in his poetry. Burn them deep into your hearts and minds. Greg asked us to live our lives in Jesus. I pray we can live our lives in the words he wrote:

 Oh, that I may learn to live the rest of my life in His Spirit. Everything good resides in God, and God does give gifts to his children. To know good and reject evil is the greatest of these gifts.

To walk in His ways is the greatest gift a man can possess. The joy of the Lord is His ways established in us.

Then I can walk in love, through any darkness, this is victory in this life.

Thank you Lord Jesus, Anointed One, King of King’s; you did this for all men.


  Let us celebrate the victory Greg has won through our Savior Jesus Christ. Let us walk in Jesus Christ. Let us walk in Jesus, in the great hope He gives us—that one day we will once again be reunited with Greg, and be together forever in the loving family of God.

This will please Greg very much!

Thank God for His faithfulness and His love He has for my brother and all of us! Greg lives because of God's love.

Ken Kreh, author

God loves you and so do I!

Please read all of the chapters on this website. Enjoy what God reveals. I pray you will consider purchasing my book and see all the love God has for you. It is the reason I wrote, "I See Him...I See Him! God's WORD to Witness By". I want to share Jesus in the many ways the Holy Spirit reveals Him to us in Scripture.

God Bless you!

Ken Kreh, author

I give my life to you Lord.

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