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I See Jesus Everywhere!

I Need a Defender in God's Court

I have known my Lord Jesus for thirty-one years now. I have not always served him as I should during that time, but I have trusted Him for my salvation and eternal life all this time. You would think in the fifty-four years (my age) of loving God- and in all my studying, praying, worshiping, adoring, and my feeble attempt to honor Him...I would be near perfection and very Christlike. I AM NOT. I still sin even though I hate to sin. I sometimes do not love others as Jesus commanded us to love one another. I sometimes fail Him in my witness to my fellow man of my love I have for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am sometimes jealous of others who seem to be more successful than I in the work in God's Kingdom. I sometimes break the Ten Commandments that God gave us to know how to live a Godly life. I sometimes struggle with the many temptations this fallen world has to offer us. Why do I do this? Ask yourself this very same question. Examine yourself and personalize it for why you still sin. See for yourself how true it is when the apostle Paul writes:

Romans 3: 23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."