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I See Jesus Everywhere!

Do you or some one you know have questions concerning the Bible?

This book was written to answer tough questions people have concerning the Bible. If you or someone you know is such a person, this book is what you been looking for.

People want answers to questions such as:

* Can we trust the Bible is the Word of God?

* Is there any scientific evidence that the creation story in the book of Genesis is real?

* Is evolution pure science or is it only a belief system?

* Is there any contradictions in the Bible that cannot be explained?

* How can we know the Bible is written by God and not by man?

* Is Jesus written about in the Old Testament? More importantly: Did he make physical appearances to prophets and patriarchs of the Old Testament?

* Where in scripture can we find the teaching for the Trinity of God?

* Why cannot I see God plainly and know for sure He exists?

* Why is there suffering and death?

* Is there really a hell? How can a loving God send anyone there?

* Why does the Bible teach Jesus is the only way to enter heaven.

* What is sin? Who decides what sin is? Who sets the rules?

* Who did Jesus come into the world for? Is He only Lord and Savior for Christians?

 In reading this book, you will see and study scripture from every part of the Bible. You will see and study hundreds and hundreds of verses from everywhere in scripture. This book will walk you through the Bible, and show you the many hidden gems that are everywhere in scripture. You will get the answers to the above questions. Many more questions will be answered for the reader. This book will show that the evidence for God and the truth of the Bible is overwhelming.

The love of God is awaiting you in the pages of this Christian Book.

What they are saying about this book.

Ken, I started to read your book last night and I have to tell you I couldn't put it down I read the first 70 pages. Which is not like me at all. At this point in time I have no questions, but I am in awe on how much you know and have researched this so far. Thank You and I will be in touch. Roger B. - Columbia, S.C.

I am a Bible student and enjoy reading books that inspire me in the absolute truth of God's word. Although written differently than Lee Stobel's books, it gives convincing evidence for the Bible's teachings and who Jesus really is according to scripure using the Old and New Testaments. I have learned much from this book. Ted L.- T.C, MI

I love your book. My Husband and I have been using it as a daily devotional this past summer. Now that summer is over, we are back in our Bible study group at church and we are going to use your book as our study guide. Thank you for sharing what God has shown you. Linda M.- Traverse City, MI

I can see the passion that you write with to share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. I can see you deperately want others to know Jesus Christ. The scripture you present will teach all to know the Bible better. Jan W.- Saginaw, MI

Your writing on creation throughout your book, especially your two main chapters on this subject was exactly what I needed to know. The secular world is not reporting this and are keeping the evidence hidden. Thank you for giving me sources to do my own study on creation verses evolution. Mike J.

This book has grown my faith in the Bible. It brings the Bible together so you can see Jesus in the Old and New Testaments. It is a great Bible study book. I can use this book to share my faith with others. Robert T.

I am going to keep your book to read over and over again. So much good information to reference to and learn. Tara B.- Columbia, S.C.

Your book is perfect for someone like me who does not read alot. Most chapters are short, so I can read a chapter and then put it down until I have time to read another chapter without losing anything from where I left off. Don P. - Traverse City, MI

Be a Witness To you loved ones and friends

 If you have been wanting to share your faith in Jesus Christ with your loved ones and friends, but find it difficult to do, get this book into their hands. The original attention of Ken writing his book was to share his faith with his loved ones and friend in a non-confrontational way. He wanted them to see with their own eyes what he is sharing comes from the word of God, and is not his own opinion.

There may be a special chapter Ken has written that will be used by God to plant a seed with the dearest people in your life. May they see the absolute truth of God's holy word.

God loves you and so do I!