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John 1: 1   1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2He was with God in the beginning.
Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

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Does God Exist? Who Is Jesus According to The Bible?


I See Jesus Everywhere!

Everywhere I turn in scripture, I see Jesus.  The Bible is the biography of Jesus Christ.  The reason I wrote this book as well as maintain this web-site is to lead people to the evidence that the Bible is the absolute word of God and is the truth Please enjoy the chapters I have written on this web-site, the music and teaching videos on this site, and please consider purchasing my book at Amazon.com or other fine book stores on the Internet. Help spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

God bless you!  

Ken Kreh, author

The Reason I wrote This Book Is to Share Jesus and To Combat What Our Culture Is Trying To Do- Kill Jesus!


On the cover of Newsweek, in time for Easter, the magazine declares:

The End of Christian America

The percentage of self-identified Christians has fallen 10 points in the past two decades. How that statistic explains who we are now—and what, as a nation, we are about to become.

I do not believe this lie, and neither should you.

What a Reader says about Ken's Book

This book is excellent for Christians who are looking for the explanation of different stories in the Bible and their true meanings. I had read the Old Testament over and over and never knew the hidden meanings, but the author clearly points them out in a simple, understandable fashion. The amazing thing is that they all point to Jesus down to the very last detail!

This is also a great book to use as a witness of our Lord to family or friends who may not believe or whose faith is struggling. Highly recommend!

J. Madday    Beckley, WV (Review from Amazon.com)

This (besides the Bible,itself) is about some of the best writing I've ever read!  Thank you for taking the time, for our Lord, and for those whom it will help, and telling all these things.  God, through your writing and quoting Scripture has made this all so very comprehensive, so understandable.  I understand that this is a gift from God and a word from God.  God has used you to get His word across!

 Reviewer Unknown

A Pastor's Reflection on Ken Kreh and His Book:

One verse from the New Testament that has always intrigued me is Luke 24:27 where "Jesus quoted passages from the writings of Moses and all the prophets, explaining what all the Scriptures said about himself." I have wondered, "What are those passages?"

Ken Kreh has answered that question in a broad and wonderful fashion in this book I See Him! I See Him!

Ken sees Jesus everywhere in the Old Testament! His insights are stimulating and his vision broad. While not everyone may agree that this particular thought refers to Christ or is fulfilled in Christ, the vast treasure of possibilities of seeing Christ in the Old Testament is broadened by his insights.

I also appreciated the way Ken brought in his everyday life into almost each chapter. As we read, we not only see the Lord, we also see how the Lord is working out his ministry of grace and love into the life of one of his children. The depth of love that Ken has for his Savior is so powerfully evident!

My prayer is that many people might have a fresh and deepened view of our Savior through this book. May it stimulate us all to "see" our Lord in the Scriptures and in our everyday lives.
 Pastor Jon DeBruyn
Fellowship Church of Traverse City, Michigan (2006)


Its All About You Jesus!

God's Love Letter to a Prodigal Child

  I met JD (Jerry),the composer of this letter, in April of 2009 when we sat together at his Emmaus Walk weekend where I served as the table leader for this walk.  JD is very special to me because of his love of Jesus Christ and his fellow man.  Even though the past 6 years he has been diagnosed and suffering with cancer (living two years longer than what the doctors have given him), he displays God's love in everything he does. God loves you JD and so do I!

Dear Child.


I have not heard from you for so long, I miss the sound of you’re your voice. I miss the long conversations we used to have. Our relationship is so important to me that I continue to speak to you every day, all day, awaiting that one, single moment you may hear my voice over all the background noise. I know how busy you’ve become. How hard it is to find time to sit and have a talk with me.
Be confident My Child, That even the slightest mention of my name, indeed the mere exchange of thoughts between us, and I am with you
Without being intrusive, or appearing to controlling, I seek your attention with bountiful joy. Birds will sing a special song I wrote just for you. Look to each sun rise, and see the smile I save just for you. With every whisper of wind I caress your beautiful face. The galaxies explode in a luminescent kaleidoscope of sparkling gems, yet even this pales in comparison to the twinkle in your Fathers eye.
I want you to know that I look in upon you often, every day in fact. Sometimes, the things I see fill my heart with sorrow. There is no anger toward you my treasured one. But the pain a parent has when the one they gave life to has put themselves in harms way.
Little One, When ever you let go of my hand, we part for a time and you journey along your own path. I have to see you stumble, fall, and witness harm come to the one I love the very most, My very own flesh and blood, A child created in my image
I am never far away. You need but to call out my name, and I will be there. The smallest of motion with your hand, and I will grasp onto your arm. You will not fall or see harm if I am able walk with you, and guide you through this labyrinth of life.
Take my hand and walk with me again, for a moment, for a time . Take a rest in my arms and let me hold you while you catch your breath. Come in from the wilderness now Oh’ loved one, before the wilderness becomes your home.
Reach for me and take my hand, my touch is tender, gentle, and will never lead you into harms way little one. You’ll find it’s strong enough to hold us both should you fall, yet tender enough to bring you through the darkest night, toward the wonder of every new day. When you cannot see the light my child, remember to reach for your Father, before you reach for anything else, And the light of my love for you will abolish all darkness
Maybe you feel anguish from the way you have been living. Or the company you’ve kept, places you’ve gone, things you’ve done. My tiny lovely child, these things are of no matter to me. I know you better than you know yourself. And I know the things you are prone to do. My love for you is not based on what you do, but who you are. You are MY CHILD! One whose life is more precious than my own.
Oh’ my precious son, do you not know that long before you were ever born, I have known your every thought? Heard every word before it was spoken.? Seen the slightest motion or action? There is nothing, in Heaven or on earth that can or will, ever separate us, or diminish the love I have for you my beloved lamb. Of’times I have left your brothers and sisters to climb the highest hill, just to catch a gimps of you passing by.
I understand your sense of loneliness and isolation right now. Every time you stop talking to me, you feel as though I have stopped talking to you, or even listening to anything you have to say.
Do you not remember my young one the promise I made, while you were still wrapped in swaddling clothes? I snuggled you into my chest and said “ I will never leave you nor forsake you”? Do you not recall when I told you that we even share the same heart beat? The very same spirit that lives in you lives in me.
My beautiful, precious and most lovely Child, I miss you so.
You know where I am. I have not moved, not grown weary, since you’ve last spoken or looked for me.
I remain Unchangeable. Unmovable. Unstoppable. And always for you……Unconditional!
Come Home, my beloved child, I miss you.
Come, Lay your burdens at my feet, I will carry them for you from now on.
Come, and fall into the outstretched arms of your Father. I stretch out my arms not only to catch you little lamb, but to show you how very much I love you.
Take the first step toward home, and I will be running to meet you from miles off.
I will carry your weary body the rest of the way to your house………Then to mine.
Love Daddy.

Written by
Jerry DeRousse and Table of Thomas
Emmaus Walk ( #56) Letter : Grace
April 26 2009


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